Freedom Mobile shuts down My Account app [Update]

Customers must access their account directly through the website

Freedom Mobile's My Account app

Freedom Mobile is no longer offering a mobile app for iOS or Android.

It is now unavailable to download on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s Apple’s App Store.

Further, the carrier’s social media support has confirmed the cancellation, telling one customer: “The My Account app has been cancelled. You would need to access My Account directly through our website.”

Customers had long complained of issues with the Shaw-owned wireless carrier’s app, often taking to the Freedom Mobile subreddit and the App Store/Google Play reviews sections to state that it was just a poorly-crafted a wrap of its website.

Still, some have been sad to see it go, with a few customers noting that they enjoyed paying their bills through the app, and found that it made the brand seem more professional.

Freedom had updated its app as recently as December 2017.

Update 15/5/2018: A Freedom Mobile spokesperson told MobileSyrup:

“This change will allow customers to experience My Account from their web browser or by saving a link directly to their device’s home page. For customers who have the previous My Account app downloaded on their device, opening it will automatically launch the self-serve experience. While we ensure customers have ongoing access to self-serve, we will be replacing our legacy My Account apps in both the Google Play store and the Apple App store in the coming weeks.”