Apple acquires Montreal-based virtual reality headset makers Vrvana


  • Smanny

    Well will you look at that Apple is getting into mixed reality. Go figure. VR is definitely not dead like a lot of users were saying that AR is the way to go, and VR is a niche. VR won’t really go anywhere. Coming from users that don’t know their head from their @$$. See VR can do things that AR cannot offer, just like AR can do things that VR cannot offer. Plus AR on a headset functions closer to VR on a headset, especially when you have to take into consideration both eyes or two views. AR on a smartphone only uses one view.

    • ciderrules

      Only person who doesn’t know their head from their a$$ is you. As proven by your countless ridiculous posts full of lies and errors.

    • Smanny

      Everything I said above is correct. Please tell me what is wrong in this post. I dare you. The people that don’t know their head from their @$$ right now in these posts are both you and Brad. Both you and Brad pumped up AR and said that VR is either a niche or it won’t go anywhere. We just have to look at those articles on AR and VR. It’s easy enough to look back on those articles. BTW AR on a headset does function similar to VR on a headset. Especially when you have two views, just like VR. Besides that this VR headset can do both VR and AR. The entire display is exactly a VR headset, and not an AR headset. The AR part comes from then embedded cameras on the VR headset. Which displays the real world on this VR headset.

      All you and Brad did here on this post is prove to the world how truly ignorant you both are. I guess you guys have a hard time eating that crow.

  • John Lofwire

    Pathetic Apple cannot develop it by itself so purchase others and they will talk as if they invented the thing..


    • Brad Fortin

      Big companies like Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook, Amazon, etc, make acquisitions all the time. Acting like Apple is unique in this respect betrays your arrogant ignorance.