Telus joins Rogers in asking for extension to December 1 Wireless Code deadline

Telus logo on wall

Another national carrier is asking Canada’s telecom regulator to extend the December 1st deadline for compliance with the new Wireless Code of Conduct.

In a letter sent to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Telus has asked the commission to extend its compliance deadline to March 31st, 2018. Telus writes that, despite its “best efforts,” it will be “impossible” for it to implement the necessary changes to its bill management system in order to become compliant with the upcoming changes to the Wireless Code of Conduct.

In June, the CRTC banned locked phones and unlocking fees as part of a review of the Wireless Code of Conduct. It also changed the Code to allow consumers to cancel their contracts within 15 days if they return their device in “near-new” condition. In addition, once the new Code goes into effect, account holders must be the person who consents to data overage and data roaming beyond the current $50 and $100 caps.

On November 3rd, Rogers became the first Canadian carrier to ask the CRTC to extend the December 1st deadline. On the 15th, the CRTC said it was in the process of considering Rogers’ request. Carriers had until 8 pm ET on Friday to respond to Rogers’ request for more time.

Via: Canadian Press