Rogers seeks extension to aspects of December 1st Wireless Code deadline


  • Leif Shantz

    More likely they’re trying to find ways to gouge consumers if they’re asking for 6 months.

  • southerndinner

    If the new rules allowed them to screw customers more, you know this wouldn’t be an issue

  • Dimitri

    Rogers at it again I see. Nothing better to do then to try and screw eveyone over. Just like their Office of the President advisor’s and their head office managers that have no clue. They are doing this so they can recoup more money before they screw their customers more later on.

  • Bill___A

    What a bunch of harsh judgemental comments. I have every reason to believe that they have some systems issues because every company has, to some extent, various ages of software programs, various amounts of outsourced processes, etc. These limitations are going to only affect a very small amount of their subscribers, and I am very certain that any extra revenue gained (even though they agreed to remove charges if asked) is not very significant. It would have been preferable that they did get these things done by December 1, but in the scheme of things, they weren’t given all that much time. I wish our rates were lower and I wish that Rogers’ roam like home had as many countries as Telus,Easy Roam – but any criticisms of them, I am going to give fairly…

    • davidnyarko

      They should at least have a solution which does not put the onus on the customer to ask for extra charges to be removed. If they cannot implement the ‘real time ‘ solution, at least prior to the bill delivery time, they should be able to implement an ‘offline’ scanning solution and credit the affected customers on their bills without having the customers to contact them.And if they cannot do that, it is fair they give the affected customers an additional credit over and above that which is due them.
      System issues do occur but are they being efficiently addressed (i.e competent technical and personnel solutions etc. being used) ? Like you i also wish rates were lower and Rogers’ roam had as many countries as Telus Easy Roam

    • Bill___A

      Well we don’t live in a perfect world, so I’m not going to be hard on them over their request for an extension. If they don’t get their number of ‘roam like home” countries up very shortly, that’s a different story….

    • Do Do

      Seems perfect enough on behalf of the big 3 colluding and counting profits. For example, charging people to unlock phones was nothing more than stealing, and they got away with it with the government’s help. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t have changed the laws now. Furthermore, if it wasn’t “perfect” for the carriers, they’d be forced to pay customers back for all the phone that they received payment for unlocking to this point.

    • Bill___A

      Having them refund the fees they charged previously when it was indeed legal to do so (and unlocking them was work, it was just they shouldn’t have been locked in the first place) is something called “moving the goal posts” which is dirty pool. I never agreed with locking phones, I felt that requiring a contract was enough. it would have been better if governments did not allow this from the get go, but it was and is fairly common around the world. There are lots of things that governments let people and companies do that they shouldn’t, and thankfully we have one less thing soon.What if the government said that we all should have been charged carbon taxes for the last 20 years and had you pay the fee retroactive to that date? Wouldn’t work out too well for you now would it…
      Places like Cuba and Venezuela arbitrarily decide that companies make too much money and seize their assets for what the governments want to perceive the value to be, or also order companies to sell things for a pittance. Doesn’t work out very well for them.
      Granted, the wireless companies do make a healthy profit. Although it is a good profit, it is not an obscene profit. Wanting companies that provide services and employment to make a profit does not make me a “shill” or anything else bad. It beats the alternative. Just ask the Sears extended warranty holders about that, or the people who lost their jobs.