Freedom to start deploying 2500MHz spectrum, promises compatibility for ‘vast majority’ of LTE devices


  • eszklar

    2500 MHz LTE is B41 I believe – bring it on.

    • will

      Nope. Band 41 is TDD impaired spectrum. Shaw acquired band 7 FDD paired spectrum.

    • Spencerfink

      It’s band 7 and 13… That will bring it on just as well

  • Garrett Cooper

    Hope the building penetration is better. I got a phone over the summer and returned it after a week because it was unusable in my office. A shame too, the plan was really good.

    • Rimtu Kahn

      Sorry but it won’t be for 2500 MHz. With spectrum frequency the higher the number the lower the penetration, but improved bandwidth. Better penetration is possible with 700 MHz when that’s rolled out, and the upcoming 600 MHz if Freedom can acquire some of that and roll out. At any rate this tussle will exist, e.g. with 600 MHz they can offer shorter range yet increased penetration covering old buildings and basements but not support top quality VR. With 2500 MHz they can supports top quality VR but not in old buildings and basements.

  • Ken Cheung

    Can someone explain. I know currently in Western Canada, one has to have a device that works on LTE band 66 to use LTE on Freedom. Does that mean this is will not be the case any longer?

    For example, I am using a Pixel XL. It is an “LTE phone” but does not have band 66 so I can’t use LTE in Calgary at the moment. With this update, will I be able to use my Pixel XL on LTE when these network upgrades have been made?


    • Zac Monchamp

      Most LTE phone’s that we get all have modems that are capable of using the 2500mhz range. AFAIK

    • Spencerfink

      Shaw has Band 7 (2500Mhz) and band 13 (700Mhz), in addition to the band 4/66 they already have.

      So, if your phone does band 7 and/or 13, you’re in the game.

      (Ideally, you’d want band 66/7/13 for best results)

    • Walter

      If the answer is as simple as I think it is then yen Ken, your Pixel XL will work Freedom’s LTE once they deploy their 2500 mhz spectrum.

  • Blair Davis

    Hopefully any device becomes compatible on the network. I’ve been holding off from buying the oneplus 5 because it doesn’t work on freedom LTE, or so i’ve read. Has this been fixed yet?

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      The most current OTA has made strides towards compatibility.

    • Blair Davis

      Are you referring to OTA update from oneplus side of things or am I misreading what you are saying? or is freedom rolling out updates to help these issues?

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      From OnePlus (Oxygen OS 4.5.11 and above have been making changes to help resolve these issues).

    • Spencerfink

      The Qualcomm (x25?) modem has issues with band 66. It appears that Qualcomm crashed it together quickly.

      Band 7 and 13 don’t appear to have the same issue.

      On band 66 , it would work on LTE until a call was received or made, then it wouldn’t rescan afterwards for LTE, you’d have to reset airplane mode.

  • I can’t make calls in “away” mode and for at least 10 minutes after it switched back to home. They need to fix little stuff like that before they charge big boy prices…LTE or not

  • We see price hike before the service is far beyond ready. Interesting.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    They’ll want me upgrade my plan to get LTE on my Nexus 6 ?
    If so no thanks I’d Stick to 3G Rather keep Cheep $29.00 Plan since only download on home wifi

  • Techguru86

    Anyone get a Blackberry Passport to work with LTE since band 4 went live ?