Freedom Mobile now has 1,147,173 subscribers, ARPU increases to $37.66


  • Avgvstvs

    How is the network now? I heard it had some issues, but I’m sure they’ve overcome them…

    • It’s still pretty spotty in the Ottawa area.

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Eastern Ontario will always suffer on Freedom Mobile, as they have only 5+5 MHz of AWS-1 there & unless they outbid Québecor for the set-aside (if that remains the case for the 600 MHz auction) in the next auction, this may continue to be the issue.

    • Todd Moore

      its good in Edmonton and in the Leduc/Beaumont area, i love saving $$$$$

    • My 1/2 cents

      good means something different to everyone. saving money is the same way. besides, one can’t believe everything that’s posted on the internet including your comments.

    • Todd Moore

      Take it however you want, I’m satisfied

    • Brandon Arneson

      agreed its the best in Edmonton Alberta and the surrounding cities and I’m very happy on the Everywhere 50 plan with free Canada and USA roaming

    • Walter

      TBH it depends on where you live. Like Todd said its great in Edmonton and Calgary where its relatively flat. But anywhere else its seems to be hit or miss. At least Shaw is aware of this and is taking steps to fill in the dead spots where possible.

    • My 1/2 cents

      quit the sugarcoating. you’re causing people with independent thinking skills to become diabetic.

    • Brandon Arneson

      Edmonton Alberta and the surrounding cities are covered the best there’s full signal for 3G pretty much everywhere. There’s only a few places that have problems with low signal but there isn’t many. If an area is not flat then your cell signal will suffer and it won’t go as far. Band66 LTE coverage on the other hand sucks and you lose it a lot with only 2 bars of signal and u dont get it back til you go on WiFi

    • My 1/2 cents

      don’t bother. you need a aws 66 capable phone. if you have a lousy cell plan it might be an option to bounce around from carrier to carrier.

  • FKnm

    I think you need to proofread your article. How can you talk about Q4 2017 and compare it to Q4 2016, if there is still two month to go…

    • dc2000

      …………… lol

    • David

      Shaw follows a fiscal year which just ended August 31st. It’s not a calendar year. The author might want to clarify this for those who are not aware.

  • For every 3 new customers, probably 1-2 leave within a year after realizing the savings were not worth the crappy service or realize they leave the small “home area” more often than the year thought and suffer too many roaming charges or slowdowns. Luckily they were getting a lot of lot of subscribers with their enticing promotions to make up for these lost subscribers.
    With their new pricing they won’t be getting many new subscribers and will continue losing the ones that get sick of waiting for good service.

    • My 1/2 cents

      As always, carriers only concern themselves primarily in attracting or enticing new subscribers. This way it looks good on paper.

    • Brandon Arneson

      all their plans have free roaming included now and they were offering everywhere plans with free roaming ever since April 2016 and its a shame most people didnt take the plans, I’ve had free roaming ever since may2015 thanks to the Alberta only cross Canada 49 plan that was offered and now I’m on the Everywhere 50 plan

  • jay

    the last time i checked they had 8GB data home and 1 GB data away for 50$ thought that was a great deal. but not sure about there coverage.

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      That plan has expired (it is not available in-market now). They now offer Big Gig plans.

    • Brandon Arneson

      But all their plans now have roaming except the home plans so that’s a bonus

    • Brandon Arneson

      For me in Edmonton Alberta and the surrounding cities their coverage is excellent they overloaded these cities with towers and I always have full signal on 3G, there’s very few places I have problems. Their band66 LTE isn’t as good yet for coverage and I don’t think it ever will be good, I’m anxious for the new LTE bands to be enabled here in December

    • TrollSoul


  • My 1/2 cents

    Well, Trump has a lot of “subscribers” too. Typically only those who can afford the latest and greatest iPhone and Samsung devices can utilize FM data network. The rest can only use very slow 3G speeds.

    Might as well ditch your data plan altogether and just have basic service with Robelus or their MVNOs and save your money.

    • Andrew Holt

      Freedom offers many phones, quite a few of which are less than $400 that are LTE compatible.

  • Brandon Arneson

    I’m happy to be one of their subscribers on the grandfathered Everywhere 50 plan and paying $60 per month with the $10 3gb data addon. Not giving it up unless the $100 big gig+everywhere plan is offered for a discount because I only need Canada roaming I don’t need USA roaming so I’d be happy to have 20gb of full speed home data plus the same roaming that I have just for Canada but I’m not paying $100 plus tax for it

  • Michał Krężołek

    I known from Freedom Mobile corporate store and dealer that iPhone 8 and X are going to be sold this December starting on around December 1st.