Google drops price of USB-C to 3.5mm dongle to $10


  • Raian

    At my job we sell those Apple dongles for $35 CAD. Where can you buy the Apple dongles for $10 CAD?

    • fmradio68

      At bestbuy.

    • T Mac

      It’s $10 CAD at the Apple Store…..

    • It’s Me

      Apple store. Try the Apple store.

      Your company is overpriced.

    • EBIGN

      or at any corporate mobile stores, they are $10

  • fmradio68

    At bestbuy

    • It’s Me

      It’s funny how Apple got shít on for $10. Google charged $20 and no one even noticed until they halved it to match Apples price.

    • Homer J. Simpson

      That’s because people start planning how much to sell their kidneys for in order to buy the newest and bestest iPhone whenever it gets announced. Whereas Android peeps are just like “meh, my phone still works”

    • It’s Me

      Maybe. Most of the people complaining the loudest about the Apple dongles were android users though.

      Which is really their weird part. They always seem very concerned about other people buying things they have no intention of buying. But when it’s something that might actually affect them, they don’t even clue in.

    • Brad Fortin

      Except we’re talking about the Pixel, which is the same price as the iPhone.

    • Homer J. Simpson

      Sigh. Nowhere did I say the Pixel isn’t expensive..

    • Brad Fortin

      No, but you did immediately shift the conversation from Google’s headphone jack adapter for the Pixel 2 being twice the price of the iPhone equivalent to iPhone users’ willingness to sell their kidneys for a new device while Android users are indifferent about new devices as if that’s true or relevant in some way even though it’s not.

    • Homer J. Simpson

      Aren’t you always boasting about record newest iPhone sales a month after its release? Aren’t you always bringing up Android version distributions? You think new Android phones are still coming out with Marshmallow? How is this relevant? It’s Me said no one noticed until they halved the price to match Apples. No one noticed because not many people are going to be buying this phone. More people buying a phone = more people will take note of the prices of the accessories. I didn’t even know Google is selling these dongles let alone how much it costs because I tuned out after Google Home Mini was announced.

    • Brad Fortin

      Ignorance is not an excuse.

      And no, I’m not always talking about those things.

  • Edward Niedziejko

    For $2 they could have included a headphone jack in the phone instead. Great value!

  • will

    How good is the sound on these dongles?

    • Smanny

      The DAC is in this dongle.

    • orangedude

      I wonder if it sounds louder too. I’m disappointed with the sound volume of the 1st gen Pixel, and though I do have a headphone jack, I wouldn’t mind a USB-C adapter if it makes it sound better/louder.

  • mastjaso

    F****k you Google and Apple. I refuse to buy a pos phone without a headphone jack.