Smith launches Lowdown Focus brain-sensing glasses for $450 with Toronto’s Interaxon

After an unveiling at CES in early January, the brain-sensing Smith Lowdown Focus powered by Muse sunglasses are now coming to market.

The meditation-focused wearable can now be purchased for $450 CAD online via Smith’s e-commerce website at smithoptics.com/lowdown. The sunglasses are available in two different sizes, small/medium and medium/large, and three color options: ‘Matte Black,’ ‘Matte Gravy’ and ‘White.’

The sunglasses, nested under Italian eyewear maker Safilo’s Smith brand, are designed for “athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.” The wearable combines the trendy-looking pre-existing Lowdown frames with Toronto-based Interaxon’s Muse brainwave-sensing EEG, EOG and EMG technology, which has been in use for two years in the company’s meditation-tracking Muse headband.

The wearable features a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro, 3-axis magnetometer, UV sensor (UVA and UVB), temperature gauge and a pressure sensor. An accompanying app provides users with cognitive training, including tools that help with energy management before competition and daily conditioning exercises.

Check out MobileSyrup‘s full hands-on with the product here.

Source: Smith