Razer Phone shows up on GFXBench with 8GB of RAM


  • Mr Dog

    The Android scene needs a new SOC competitor.

    • XY

      Isn’t there already 2 of them and intel dropped out a year or so ago on top of current one?

    • lbwc

      No one takes Mediatek seriously. Samsung makes SOCs only for themselves. Huawei makes SOCs only for themselves.
      I want to see someone doing something crazy. How about a dual Snapdragon 835 setup with a water cooled enclosure by which under the outer frame, are actual water pipes connecting to the SOCs and circulating water.

    • gommer strike

      Shrug, there’s only Qualcomm for medium and high end, Mediatek for the low end, Exynos which is only really Samsung.

      We don’t really need another competitor. I know many of us turn up our noses at Mediatek because those are for budget devices, but to be honest the budget devices these days do basically do everything the average user needs it to. I daresay if we swapped a whole number of our friends/family devices with $200 phones that sport Mediatek chips, would they even notice any difference? Probably not.

    • Raian

      Most would notice how much more sluggish it would feel. Other then that though, not really much.

    • gommer strike

      To be truthful with you, if you tried a ~$230 BLU phone…you’ll be surprised…the performance is not that bad. I daresay when you launch apps and so on, it does not feel slow. BLU’s phones are predominantly(if not all) run off Mediatek processors.

      You might think oh, second-rate budget manufacturer right? But seriously if you want to just get a cheap phone for your little nieces/nephews and other family members, I tell you these people would not even know it’s a Mediatek processor.

    • Raian

      If I tried it I would notice. I sell cell phones, so I use most devices varying from each part of the spectrum. I can feel the difference of the devices. I am not saying some lower budget phones will not be competitive for the general public. Working with phones for a living kind of ruins you to it. With that said, some of them, like the one you have mentioned, I have not used, and I may not be able to notice with that one specifically. I am just talking about my experience using the devices that I sell.

    • gommer strike

      Now don’t get me wrong. There are certain things that – should you try doing them on a budget device – oh ya you’ll notice. Certain things take *much* longer to do…installing apps would be one key example. Seems to take an eternity compared against say, an iPhone.

      Similarly when you go to load up a graphically intensive game. Ohh boy, take a seat, have a cup of coffee. Also – many budget phones have a lower quality display that the general public might not notice, but you and I would instantly spot the pixelation and graphical artifacting on videos that wouldn’t happen on a flagship.

    • Raian

      Glad we agree on that one!

  • jay

    Maybe we see a tablet. Not sure if there is room for another expensive phone ?

  • gommer strike

    Sigh my first post was eaten by the “approval process” here.

    Razer, a gaming company which charges top dollar for gaming peripherals will surely do likewise with the smartphone. If it’s anything like their mice, it’ll be average quality(breaks within 2 years), and super highly priced.

    • Smanny

      Although I agree with the high prices, I certainly don’t agree on the breaking after 2 years. The other thing is Razer went with this because the SD 835 has proven that it can handle the high end gaming. For instance look at the latest S8/S8+ and now Note 8 have Oculus VR software support, Daydream VR support, and Steam support. So it can run all that software, and with that all those games from those platforms. As a matter of fact the SD 835 is designed to handle a 4k display at 60 fps, which this Razer smartphone is only using a 2k display. Just like all the other flagship Android devices are 2k as well. Okay well, Sony is the only exception with their XZ premium and it is using a 4k display with the SD 835. The extra RAM basically means it can hold more apps or bigger app in ram before it has to unload some of them. I wish every device came with 8 GB of ram or more. The more the merrier 😉

    • gommer strike

      Just to explain my statement there – I have owned a number of Razer products. I owned 2 Razer Naga Mice…the first of which died within a year. The laser just stopped working. Thankfully it came with a decent warranty period – I believe Razer mice come with 2 year warranty and they replaced it. The replacement likewise didn’t last all that long either, and interestingly the laser was also starting to fail as well.

      So I don’t know if I was just unlucky, or if the Naga just wasn’t a very high quality mouse? For comparison, my spouse’s Logitech MX518 is a decade old, and still going strong. You might have had better luck with Razer mice than I have, but all I’m saying is that these didn’t leave the greatest impression for me in terms of longevity.

  • Ernie

    What’s the battery size though. More ram uses more power

    • Smanny

      Not necessarily, especially when some of the latest RAM chips can be 8 GB for one chip. Most likely the SD 835 is using a dual channel LPDDR4X (0.6 volt). Which will be 4 GB for each to get the maximum throughput speed of 30 GB per second from that SoC.