Instagram rolls out improved community safety and kindness tools

Instagram has announced that it’s rolling out a series of tools to help its community be “safer and kinder” when using the social media platform.

The company says that having now reached 800 million monthly active users, it’s “more important than ever” to protect and strengthen its userbase.

First, Instagram is now letting users decide who can comment on their posts, with filters ranging from everyone to specific groups such as people who follow them or who they themselves follow. Users have previously been able to filter inappropriate comments that contain certain key words or phrases, a feature that is now receiving support in Arabic, French, German and Portuguese. Instagram says this filter will “improve over time,” although specific changes weren’t addressed.

Instagram comment control

Next off, Instagram will now allow users to anonymously report live videos if there are concerns that someone is in need of support. Instagram will then reach out to the video host privately and offer connections to trained helpers or loved ones, as well as other tips and support.

Instagram mental health support

Finally, Instagram wants to continue to spread positive messaging with its#KindComments campaign. The social media giant says that over the next few months, it will be turning prominent walls in cities around the world into colourful murals.

Instagram Kind Comments

The goal is to encourage passersby to take photo or videos of the wall, share a #KindComments and even share special kindness-themed, heart-shaped stickers. Instagram says the murals and stickers have been created by members of its global community.

Source: Instagram