Koodo says VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling is currently in testing, launch time still unclear


  • LarryD

    Hopefully both Telus and Koodo do this at the same time. Telus only has wifi calling for iPhones, would be great for all Android phones as well.

    • somebody else

      Not fair for them to favour apple over the other great platform

  • Lloyd Willett

    I like to see them koodo release the wifi calling very soon for android because we live in a area where the cellphone service is very poor and hardly any single i live in the eastern part of Quebec in the Gaspe coast where the towers are far a part and telus said that there supposed to put small cells in a few towns a long the gaspe coast believe that when we see it happening

  • Stephen B Morris

    See this was why Hangouts was so awesome. It could do WiFi calling without you having to rely on carriers. Your number could be seen by the other person too. But then Google had to lose their minds and designated it for enterprise use. The apps still work if anyone wants to give it a try. You have to download the Hangouts dialler along with Hangouts. No G+ account required.

  • It’s Me

    Why would Koodo testing take so much longer than Telus testing? same network.

    • somebody else

      I know right? Deceptive at best.

  • Arman

    Any chance Public Mobile can have these features too at some point?

    • somebody else

      I have my doubts. It’s telus who decides. :/