Koodo says VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling is currently in testing, launch time still unclear


Although Telus has offered Wi-Fi calling on iPhones since December 2016 and VoLTE calling since April 2016, those features have yet to trickle down to its sub-brand Koodo.

The company indicated in the past that VoLTE calling on the carrier might arrive in mid to late September 2017; however, a recent update from an official Koodo rep on the company’s community forums says the launch is yet to be decided — though they noted that both features are currently in testing.

“Since this topic has bubbled back up, I wanted to acknowledge that both VoLTE & WiFi calling are in the process of being tested for implementation by Koodo,” wrote Koodo rep Ranjan. “Unfortunately — and don’t shoot the messenger now — I don’t have much more to share at this time re: timing/availability. As soon as we’re able to share more, we will.”

Ranjan added that the long-term plan is to have Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE available for both iOS and Android devices, though the rep stated they didn’t know whether or not the services would have simultaneous or staggered launches.

There are a variety of benefits to VoLTE. It makes use of wide-band audio codecs that allow for greater dynamic range; connects more quickly than regular voice calling; and does not drop the user to 3G network speeds while making a call.

Wi-Fi calling, meanwhile, carries the obvious advantage of being able to make calls solely through a Wi-Fi connection — especially helpful when users are in an area with spotty cell service.

Source: Koodo Community Via: iPhoneinCanada