Gmail and Inbox will now convert addresses, phone numbers and contacts into interactive links


  • It’s Me

    Data detectors.

    Here we go again.

  • Aleph Ruehl

    This is one of the few times iOS users can point to a new Android feature and say they had it first… specifically in the default mail app.

    • Stalemate

      Android had that feature already (“Linkify”, about 2010) and had to stifle it, thanks to Apple’s patent suit against HTC in 2011.

      As for “having it first”, email clients have been able to do that since the mid-90s.

      Apple’s patent expired last year, so now Android gets that feature back again.

    • Aleph Ruehl

      So wait, you’re telling me that in the mid-90s email clients have been able to open Google Maps or a users default phone app when a user selected an address or telephone number within an email message in Gmail or Inbox. How did I not know about this and is time travel involved?! [/s]

      Jokes aside, I’m referring these specific features as developed by Google / Apple, or potentially an OEM as I’m not aware of any OEM email clients which enabled either feature… which is not to say one does not exist.

    • It’s Me

      Pretty much correct. This did exist back in the mid-90s, which is when Apple filed a patent for their work. HTC, Motorola, Samsung and google all decided to copy it before the patent expired and all lost their various cases explaining why they should be allowed to “borrow” other’s work without permission or compensation. Now it does look like the patent has expired so they are quickly trying to bring it back.