Chatr increasing rates by $5 on plans offered to some former Mobilicity customers


  • southerndinner


    • Stephen B Morris

      I have a stronger description of them in mind, but it isn’t suitable for a family friendly site.

    • fmradio68

      LOL!! +1

  • Andrew Holt

    Rogers raising prices again. They have raised prices the most out of the big 3 in the last month or so. From their roam like home rates increased to $6/day, their connection fee going up to $25 instead of $20, their pre-paid rates going up 50%, their data overage going from $50/Gb to $70, and now add this. What are they going to raise next?

  • Abel

    You are welcome, MS 🙂

    Rogers’ response is the same canned, “feelings-less” set of words they send every single time they raise prices. Honestly, I had already lost that sensation of seeing the price of my plan go up. It didn’t happen to me ONCE during the 5 years I was with Mobilicity -quite the contrary, my price for my plan actually went down by $6 half way during my time with them. I guess I’m now back to square one. LOL

    • Mo Dabbas

      That windows phone though….

    • Abel

      If you recognise it, you must have had one 🙂

      Nokia Lumia 1020, the best phone I’ve ever had! Even today, +3 years after it came out, it beats lots of other more modern ones.Unfortunately, MicroSoft has abandoned us (#RIPWindowsPhone) so my next phone will be an Android one. Looking forward to the Nokia 8, which should come out soon. Hopefully, we’ll get it in Canada.

      But I digress…

    • I owned a Nokia 920, which I loved. Best camera phone I’ve ever used.

  • Stephen B Morris

    My bill is going up $10 with no improvements to my service. The customer service is way worse under Rogers than it ever was with Mobilicity. If they were lifting the 3mbs cap then maybe. This is just a cheap cash grab. If they continue raising rates, I will have to consider if it is still worth it with all of the compromises.

    • Hello Moto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Where else are you going to get 20GB for $60 in Canada?

    • Stephen B Morris

      For $60? Probably nowhere. But there is nothing stopping them from doing this in another 6 months? Another 4 months? Another 2 months? The money isn’t the point, the diminshed value is. The plan isn’t without restrictions. Rogers isn’t using the money to make the service better nor are they removing the restrictions. At what point does the value disappear? Especially when it is only 3 MBs down vs having LTE and a better and more consistent network than Rogers provides vs not having a cell at all. Just because they will get away with it this time doesn’t mean I will tolerate it forever. I’ll keep my eyes out for BYOD deals weigh the pros and cons. As should everyone else.

    • fmradio68

      That is why they raised the price. Because they know their is still nothing better than $60 for 20GB. So people will not leave.

  • George

    My $50 20GB “Expired Mobilicity” plan is going up $10. A 20% increase in less than a year on being on Chatr!!

    • nolochemical

      Right?! Got the text too.. There a bunch of crooks.

    • Rinkoo Purba

      Same here. I told them I am complaining to commissioner of telecommunications. Waiting for their call back

  • Tito B

    Lmao @ “our customers love” easy there Roger’s. I didn’t have much of a choice when getting switched to chatr. I’ll admit Im still paying a lower price compared to other companies but it’s 3G, might jusy consider freedom now. Hey freedom, any offers or incentives for a new client?

    • Mohamed

      They sent me a text message as well with 6gb of data and unlimited talk and text in zone is still really low even with the $5 increase even though I hate the increase in price

  • Streetz Mart

    Rogers will screw you.
    Poor billing leads to over billing and customers getting screwed. Forget about the 5$ upcharge I’ve already lost 1500 from rogers over 3 months when I got there data stick a couple years ago the crook sales person told me lies about the plan Rogers. Billing did all kinds of stuff wrong. Anyone try and call rogers crappy customer service line and wait on hold for an hour.

    Stick to real estate Rogers. As a former graduate from Ted Rogers School of business i am insulted on how Rogers runs it’s up company robbing Canadians who are struggling to pay.
    Don’t buy there re estate. Switch ur home phone and TV to bell. 99$ a month for two years.

    F*** Rogers

    Troll King

  • jer

    Can’t believe they can put up the rates when they want to, no wonder Canada makes the most wireless profit in the world and then surprisingly people go and defend these price increases as if people don’t have enough expenses already. I can’t wait until the day the market is properly opened up to MVNO’s and other carriers. I might have to switch to Freedom, my plan is going up $10 not $5

  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    One of my favourite things about being with Freedom (Wind) is that they don’t pull this crap. Well, at least they haven’t yet. I’ve spent the majority of my 7 years with Freedom on promo plans, only switching when a better one comes along.

  • Richard Dummett

    Anyone’s really surprise???
    My plan with Mobilicity was no increase for life, then I was FORCED over to Rogers. Like all of Rogers services, they bait you with an introductory fee and then they whack you good; increases after increases after increases.
    This is what happens when government is in bed with ‘big company’; monopoly, no competition.
    Will be shopping around.

  • Bit_Mania

    This requires a CLASS ACTION Lawsuit, just confirmed with a lawyer. We are within our legal rights & should able to win.

    • Abel

      I don’t think we can fight this one, but if there is a class action suit, count me in. I don’t care about being given money: I just want my price to stay the same. LOL

    • Vipul Khattar

      Same here! Count me in for the class action suit.

    • David Muoki

      Hi, am also a mobilicity customer and my rates have been raised by Rogers and my plan should never change! I would like to get on if there is a class action lawsuit.

    • Beverley Johnson

      yes I would love to be a part of the class action lawsuit.I have a copy of the life time guarantee promotional paper,provided by Mobilicity.Let us all show Rogers the power of David taking down the big Goliath.

    • Justice

      Please share that promotional paper with me

    • Rhonda Mckinney

      I too would appreciate you sharing the promotional paper. Thank you.

    • Rinkoo Purba

      can you please that with me too… They increased my plan by 10$ without notice. I am really upset

    • San

      Any new updates on this?

  • LNG Vapour

    I too would like enter a class action lawsuit if at all possible.

  • implode

    My $10 plan with Mobilicity became $15 with Chatr and now it’s $20. 100% increase. Likely will port over to Public Mobile then as the price is the same $20, but there will be loyalty rewards in subsequent years.