Toronto Region consortium launches bid for Amazon’s new North American headquarters


  • Jon Duke

    Where’s your article about Montreal doing the same the day after amazon announced their intentions? Is this a Canadian site or strictly Toronto?

    • Andrew

      To my knowledge, along with Montreal, Vancouver and Winnipeg are putting their names into the race as well. But MobileSyrup mostly focuses on the Centre of the Universe or uh I mean lower Ontario.

    • bigshynepo

      So is Edmonton and Calgary. As it stands, there is no city in Canada better positioned to negotiate for the HQ2 than Toronto and I wish them the best. Montreal would be a tough sell due to their predominately francophone population. Every other Canadian city is wasting their money competing.

    • Andrew

      I disagree, Winnipeg for example is already a massive trucking hub (due to its central location), taxes are cheaper than Toronto, utilities are considerably cheaper than Toronto, it’s central to Canada and the Northern United States, Winnipeg has a new warehouse zone almost next-door to the airport and Trans Canada Highway, the population is close to what Amazon is looking for, and there is a sizable amount of business and technology educated people there.

    • vn33

      Although I live near TO, I would love to see Winnipeg win this bid. Not only for the reasons you listed, but I also want to see more regions in Canada being developed and transformed into destinations for technoogly employment opportunbites.

    • bigshynepo

      I know you mention it, but Winnipeg doesn’t meet the population requirement of 1 Million, and wouldn’t be able to field a workforce of 30,000 employees. It’s also VERY far from the next closest major metro area in Canada and currently doesn’t have the nonstop-to-Seattle flights that are also a condition of the chosen city for HQ2
      In fact, I would say that Edmonton has your Winnipeg talking points, and then some. A super hub already waiting for tenants on Airport land with the possibility for it’s own cargo terminal, CN hub for rail access, some of the lowest taxes and energy rates in the country, Edmonton is significantly closer to major hubs like Calgary and Vancouver, affordable housing and land, etc. but I’m still not vying for Edmonton to get it for a variety of reasons.

      If Toronto gets it, it will be a boon for the entire country so here’s hoping.

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      It’s odd. I don’t like the idea of this in my backyard. Personally I’d rather it be some place else. As a small business owner (retail) my motivations for that are subjective. But still valid.

    • mwgimpy

      Nimbyism at its best.

    • Jon Duke


  • fred

    They want to expand outside Seattle because the cost for new employees is too high.
    I don’t think their second headquarter will be anywhere close to a city with an average home price of $1M.

  • Omis

    Keep that crap out of Canada.

  • Trmist

    This lottery of sorts is like cities bidding for pro sports teams. The city that make the most concessions becomes the front runnner. I will be surprised if Amazons chooses to move outside the USA. However if they do move I think Souther Ontario is the most likelt due to population size and geography being in the Eastern side of the the continent. In the mean time the politicos will grovel and sell out anyone and anything to come out the “victor”.

    • monkeymo

      So whos the Glendale, AZ

      Up and coming urban area that goes over its head in tax credits and loans to Amazon to a point they want them gone and will pay for it.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Should be Markham, the Silicon Valley of GTA, home to Canadian head quarters of IBM, Motorola, Apple, AMD. Can find large area for development with access to public transit as well as highways.

    • Apple Canada’s HQ is no longer in Markham, they’re in downtown Toronto, on Bremner Blvd.

    • monkeymo

      Its coming to Vancouver, Amazon already employes more than 2000 back end developers in their Vancouver office.

  • Canadiana Jones

    Who in the right mind would oppose this idea? What’s their reasoning?

  • Daniel Szilagyi

    It’ll either be Toronto or a city in the US….Winnipeg/Edmonton or Calgary? none of those places employ nearly the right amount of people they would be looking for, even Vancouver is struggling which is why we bring in people from overseas.
    Vancouver is far too expensive for what it is even if we already have some amazon people/offices here….Toronto while expensive isn’t too bad and has better infrastructure.

    Time will tell I guess

  • Marshall Davidson

    Toronto, let alone Canada, will not get HQ2 and the simple reason is that this is an American company far more likely to invest in U.S. cities that are far cheaper to live in and have a good case for rejuvenation. Whether that be Detroit or St. Louis for example or perhaps Denver for its affordable living. There are even many possibilities on the U.S. East Coast but the high tax, high regulatory, high cost of living and congested conditions that exist in Toronto make this a far fetch. Politicians here can pretend all they want but they’ve created an environment in which few businesses would relocate here on this scale involving 50,000 jobs.

    • Rev0lver

      So ready to admit that you’re Shogun yet?

    • Marshall Davidson

      Are you even remotely capable of an intelligent comment out here? An actual opinion worth hearing about any topic you comment on? My gawd man. Get a life.

    • Rev0lver

      Admit or deny it. That’s pretty simple isn’t it?