New BlackBerry KEYone devices now require ‘extra brute force’ to remove displays

TCL made good on its promise to fix the KEYone's display issue


  • Jason

    That’s great that they fixed it however since they used ultra-super-glue what happens when an average tech puts glue back in, will it have a good hold?

  • deltatux

    So can existing KeyONE owners get a free replacement? This article doesn’t say when these phones were fixed in production. There are corporate users who got their KeyONE already before this article & video.

  • Do Do

    The key question to still not answered is how does one ensure he’s not getting the old popping screen phones as apposed to the new “fixed” versions. If they didn’t recall the old stock then you have to wonder which version you got, and if a year down the road, after your warranty is gone, your screen pops off because you have the original model with less adhesive, you’re screwed.

    • bigshynepo

      I don’t see any reason why a screen that has ‘popped out’ (which doesn’t just happen without extreme force) couldn’t just be put back in at the factory, with the new adhesive. I think people should still contact Blackberry after their warranty expires if it’s for a ‘screen popping out’, I have a feeling they may still be able to put it back together again.

    • Do Do

      The reason is it wasn’t designed to be popped in so it doesn’t from what I can see from the videos and from the videos I’ve seen, some pop out virtually on their own. One guy claimed he went to be with the phone plugged in and when he woke the phone screen had popped. Pretty sure Blackberry knows they screwed up. Blackberry should have recalled the affected units or at least indicated to people how to tell if they were getting a bad one or newer one with a “fix”.

    • bigshynepo

      Everything you are quoting is anecdotal forum stories, with absolutely no evidence. The only thing that was proven was the JerryRig video, in which extreme force had to be applied to the phone to remove the screen. I would never bend ANY phone to the extent he bent the one in that video.

      If we want to refer to anecdotes tho, I actually own the KeyONE. It’s a work phone and I actually tripped over a charging cable, taking the phone into a solid metal road case at likely 100mph. Although I dented the chassis and dislodged the SIM inside, there is absolutely no sign the screen is any looser because of it. That was the worst shock trauma I’ve ever put a phone through and it held up admirably. As a day one buyer, I could care less if later phones come with some extra glue. I’ll deal with it if it ever becomes an issue, but I doubt it will.

    • Do Do

      Actually, I didn’t quote but did reference a story someone told. ALSO, I watched a bunch of videos demonstrating the screen popping out easily, you should do the same. Also, I demonstrated common sense and looked at the design and lack of adhesive and I’m able to use my common sense to conclude that the countless stories and Blackberry’s reaction to it probably means it’s true.

      If it were just people forcing screens by bending I’d say that’s what’s supposed to happen but when it’s people dropping a phone and screens flying out, or people simply charging phones and screens popping out, I have reason to be concerned.

      I also believe your story, I simply believe that where there’s smoke there’s fire. I’m not beyond buying it myself, only because of blackberry’s stupidity in providing clarity about which models are “fixed” I won’t be doing it any time soon.