Rogers, Bell and Telus offer 7GB promo plan in competition with Videotron


  • Surveillance

    Even the promo prices are brutal

  • Jon Duke

    But why switch if you’re gonna pay the same price? I don’t understand their logic. Videotron always finishes first for customer service. What are the big 3 offering me as an added value? It’s the same price for the plan… So I switch and get nothing more except a customer service that doesn’t finish first every year… Bravo.

  • JD

    If this ain’t proof of collusion and predatory pricing I don’t know what is.

  • Parminder Singh Kalsi

    Again they can keep it and shove it(plans) down their throats.

  • Justin Howell

    Videotron is the game changer in Canada. They share Rogers towers and offer realistic plans with a service that works. I signed up for a 3gb (doubled through their constant “double data” sales) plan with unlimited streaming music. Since the crtc ban of this type of “data favoritism”, videotron has given an additional 4gb to customers with this service in their plan. Since my plan included “double data”, I have 6gb plus 8gb (music subsidy of 4gb, doubles) with unlimited calling and texting for $54 a month, tax in. Finally a plan that doesn’t make Americans laugh at cell phone bills in Canada. Hopefully the big three start to realize that they can’t continue to overcharge us with unfair and inflated cell bills.

  • Whome

    Yup no reason to switch from Videotron for me. I’ll keep the plan I am on.

  • Jean-Pierre Alarie

    Thats not good at all vs my plan, Im with Fido, 8gb unlimited calls/texts for 58.50$ so far Ive seen no carrier that can offer a plan that matches my current for the same price so Im staying put with Fido with a month to month since my contract has been up for almost a year

  • GregK

    Is this plan published on the videotron website?
    I’m glad I checked: the prices are lower when you BYOD. This $77 plan is less expensive than the Fido plan mentioned below when you are in that position