SaskTel adds new shareMORE Canada and U.S. plan, offers 5GB for $80

SaskTel is joining Bell, Telus and others in offering a Canada-U.S. plan


  • Johnny wishbone

    Still ripping people off.

    • HavaLava24

      Compared to what? Sask enjoys lowest cellphone rates in Canada for the time being.

  • HavaLava24

    Comparatively, a 5GB Canada-U.S. premium contract plan with Telus is $120, while at Bell a Canada-U.S. premium contract plan with 4GB comes in at $130.

    That is correct if you don’t live in Sask. Author should correct misleading information.

    Telus 5GB.Canada-US plan in Sask is $75. Bell 5GB Canada-US plan for Sask is $65. I’m Bell subscriber in Sask.