Internal Microsoft memo attempts to downplay Consumer Reports Surface reliability survey


  • Bill___A

    “It’s important for us to always learn more from out customers and how they view their ownership journey with our products,” says Surface head Panos Panay in the memo. ”
    Well, I have a Surface Pro 3 which I purchased a few years ago. Although there are a lot of good things to say about it, someone apparently didn’t work out the heat issues very well. I run a fan against the back of the computer when I have it on. The fan in it never really did the job and it is the only computer I’ve ever had which overheats in a normal room. Rather than pointing fingers at Intel or anyone, Microsoft needs to take ownership of the entire issue and make sure their laptops are worth the high ticket money they charge for them.

    • Marshall Davidson

      I would agree the fan is a problem even on SP4 models where little by way of tasks are performed and the system finds it necessary to rev up. Is overheating really that big a problem? Personally I have no complaints and the fan issue isn’t one that is frequent for me however I can understand the complaints people have and it could very well speak to reliability on some level as this is a potential prescursor to total system failure in near future.

    • John Lofwire

      Had similar issues with laptop from Asus, Dell and lenovo.

      IF you pack very powerful component in such a small body its will be very easy for the cooling system to get full of dust and cause this.
      you have to clean your surface using compressed air minimum 1 time a month.

  • Jason

    Forget reliability let’s talk about repairability, Surfaces score 0-2 on ifxit

    • Do Do

      This is why there’s a movement towards legislation. All these companies are moving that way.

    • John Lofwire

      Jason if you can build such a full fledged computer with such powerful hardware and make it easy to repair why not go to microsoft and show your prototype?

      Oh right you cant…

      Seriously some ppl think they are engineer or something as if there is no limitation on what you can do with tech..