Samsung confirms Bixby Voice is coming ‘soon’ to Canada


  • George

    Samsung promise/word worths nothing!

    • Kevin

      Agreed. Stating “Soon” when it should have been released with the phone in the first place is insulting. Samsung needs to hire new marketing and PR staff. Scratch that, they need to just organize the entire company. It’s a mess. Their support is pathetic. It’s like pulling teeth to get anything but a scripted reply that doesn’t even relate to the questions asked.
      “Soon”….That’s great. That means nothing to me, doesn’t make me happy. What would make me happy is not having to use a 3rd party app to remap your stupid Bixby button that never worked on my phone to begin with. Oh Samsung makes me so angry.

  • MrGreen72

    Just nuke the worthless piece of crap and let us remap that button to something useful.

    • dc2000

      bixbye set to nothing and Bixby button remapper set to whatever you want – and it goes away. Not the best solution but it works pretty damn well. I hate Bixby..

  • Leconte Dave

    I have already bixby voice and shes kinda useless…

  • Sk0ly

    I’m willing to bet that bixby is dead before the Galaxy S10 launch. Samsung makes no sense. Why not spend the money developing something new when all your users would rather have Google Assistant anyways

  • 3duser0

    I think we can forget Dutch version of bixby

  • DownwithRobellus

    No one is excited of this news Samsung Canada. You know what would be great news? Giving back the option for Samsung S8/S8+ owners to be able to remap it to Google Now which is exponentially better.

    • John

      I’m in the minority it seems, but i actually like using bixby… looking forward to bixby voice.

  • Shawn Kent

    I’m guessing it’ll be ready for note 8 release

  • Ali

    I called Samsung and they told me that they will launch bixby voice in 2 weeks for all countries

    • Kevin

      I find it very hard to believe that you called up Samsung and they handed you that info, considering they won’t even give that info as a press release right now.

  • Nainesh Modi

    Bixby is here.. arrived in Canada.. finally..

  • Nainesh Modi

    Few bixby updates are here in Canada.. but still no voice…

  • JACrazy

    I got the update for Bixby voice yesterday and serveral other Bixby related stuff, but I don’t see the ability anywhere after installing it.

  • Kevin

    As per Samsung, Bixby Global Release Date is August 22nd.

    • Nainesh Modi

      Its official now.. as per Samsung Smartlife twit.. meet #bixby on 08 22.. super excited to see what she got..!!

    • Kevin

      Are you daft? You just replied to my post stating that EXACT same thing I just said.

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