Here’s what an Android APK file really is


  • Homer J. Simpson

    This article may as well be for any general packaged application format. There is no mention of manifest, string resources, image resources, layouts, etc. I really don’t understand the point of this article..

    • It’s Me

      Thought the same. Also found the comparison to pkg files to be confusing since it mentions distribution models as a difference between apk and pkg, which is not at all a difference between apk and pkg. It’s a difference between platforms but this article is ostensibly about a container.

    • Canadiana Jones

      It reminds me a preface to a research paper of a 6th-grader. Is some elaboration coming in the sequel article? Nah, don’t thinks so.

  • Lange

    Best article ever I’m going to start writing my own apps now, After all according to this article there is nothing to it how hard could it be.