New major update for Xbox One rolling out to testers now

Xbox One X video game console

Xbox Insiders that are members of the console’s alpha testing tier can now get a first look at Microsoft’s latest major user interface overhaul for the Xbox One.

Xbox One users will now have the option to personalize the console’s landing page more significantly, as part of what Microsoft is calling, ‘Fluent Design.’

Xbox is letting its users take more control over the console’s user interface by allowing them to add blocks to the home screen. Not only will the Xbox One have customizable blocks on the Home screen, but the blocks will pull information such as the developer activity feeds, displaying when friends are playing the game and suggest the next achievement to try and get. Additionally, the Xbox team says it will soon more functionality to blocks.

Not only is the Home page more customizable, but the update also features revamped guide navigation. According to Xbox, the update will make it so that it’s faster to switch between tabs within the guide. This makes it simpler to join friends, start a broadcast, get back to the home section and switch between apps.

The new Guide layout will also allow users to move quickly between apps by using the left thumbstick, d-pad or bumpers on the Xbox One’s controller. Additionally, gamers will be able to connect with their friends and clubs better than ever, according to the Xbox team.

Additionally the community section features a new Activity Feed layout that displays more information than before. The Club Discovery area has also been improved and shows clubs that the user is already in, and makes it easier to discover new Clubs to join.

Lastly the Windows 10’s Game Bar is also getting an update; it’s now easier to enable or disable Game Mode on a per game basis.

The Mixer broadcasting within the Game Bar now gives users more choices. The audio broadcast section has a new settings that lets users choose either to broadcast game-only audio or system-wide audio.

The team also added Xbox Live Network Troubleshooting option that helps users discover any connectivity problems while optimizing the online multiplayer experience.

Microsoft, however, did not mention when the update will be available to all Xbox users. The new dashboard experience is rolling out today to Xbox Alpha Insiders.

Source: Xbox Wire