Canada has some of the fastest airport Wi-Fi and cellular speeds in North America


  • Daniel Szilagyi

    Doesn’t really seem worth while to skip the wi-fi in my opinion if the difference is only from 55mbps to 59mbps in the case of YVR…unless you have a large pool of data to blow or aren’t using it for anything extensive.
    Otherwise I’m not sure about those speeds, I was just at YVR last week and it sure as heck didn’t feel like 55mbps type speeds…both Pearson and YVR are large airports…where are the tests taken? is it across the entire building? different floors? which cell provider? which phones?

  • Costa Minitsios

    While I can’t say those numbers are accurate, I can say as a airline employee in YUL that the wifi is indeed horrible. so many deadzones.

  • Graham Fluet

    Of North America? So we came 1rst place out of two countries total, the other on with a LOT of older airports that could’ve dropped it’s score down?

  • MoYeung

    I thought those free WiFi at airports are fraught with security issues…