Quebec class-action lawsuit against Bell over fee increases approved to proceed


  • Andrew English

    I hope they rule against Bell Canada. Big companies always over step on things thinking that no one would ever think to use the laws that protect them against these companies. And for the most part they get away with it.

    • John Lofwire

      Last November i made the mistake to switch my internet and tv to Bell…
      1 month and half after i started having issues ( i am a gamers and i often host gaming server so i need to be visible to the web and my IP has to not be shared ) its was working perfectly well at first then out of nowhere its stopped working.

      So i called them and they said thats to help me i would need to pay for IT help from a special departement at 9.99$ a months and asked me if i discussed with an IT… I am an IT so i told them they said its dont change anything and blablabla. ( they started sharing my IP with 2 others customers a way to cut cost for them but greatly limit my access ) they also said internet was not to host anything but to access..

      Told them you guys got 1 week to bring back my old service i had at start with you with my own ip ( dynamic not fix but not shared! ) so i can play my games again or i would switch back to videotron.

      1 week after i called and a guy told me one min he will try to help me and he hung up on me..
      Switched back to videotron and very happy.

      videotron Cellphone network is crap but for TV and internet they are easily the best providers in all Quebec.

  • ComplacencyKills

    Quebec will win, and Ontario will pay :- (