Poll: What would you like to see in the next iPhone?


  • Andrew

    A headphone jack would be revolutionary. Imagine being able to just plug in any headphones you want with ease, no adapter required, and then listen to music.

  • Waleeed Aly

    I’d like to see…er…adult home videos an’ that. Educational stuff, innit?

  • thereasoner

    I’m surprised to see wireless charging scoring so well, it’s been described as an undesired gimmick by the fanatical iFan.

    Apple was supposed to supply “real” wireless charging from across the room, this one is rumored to not be any different than the industry standard “gimmick” that uses a pad or dock.

    • ciderrules

      Hello homophobe.

      I see you still don’t understand that polls aren’t reflective of the real world. Lots of haters vote in Apple polls skewing the results. I don’t know a single person who wants wireless charging. But many people at work are interested in smaller bezels and Touch ID under the screen.

    • Smanny

      So far nobody wants facial recognition. That is on the poll. Yet no one wants it, or sees it as a must have feature.

      Besides Apple love to make money off of their accessories. So I could see Apple introduced a case with wireless charging. There are a number of rumors that already claim this.

    • John Lofwire

      Look its the Apple troll ( i blocked him but everytime i see this user is blocked i know its him lol.

    • thereasoner

      Yep, one of the biggest ones on the Internet, a complete fanatic!

  • Blair Davis

    To further your edge to edge display option, it must have OLED for me to even consider it.

  • John Lofwire

    More than one OEM.

    Would love to see more possibility on iOS side.

    Like more differents design ect.

    Right now Apple is all about almost identical old design as they cant make enuf different model and can only bring back old crap.

  • Jayce

    I would like to see a headphone jack.

  • Stephen_81

    Other – USB-C charging. It is beyond annoying having to have a lightning cable to charge iPhone when my other devices are USB-C.