Samsung might launch the Galaxy Note 8 in September, suggest rumours


  • JP

    Assuming the aspect ratio of the Note 8 match those of the S8, the screen will be smaller than the Galaxy Mega and likely produce dimensions not dissimilar to the Note 7.

  • Captain Pokemon

    This time, I hope they won’t rush the phone to consumers. Note 7 was such a nice phone until…..

    • It’s Me

      Well, there are those that say that as long as they hit the same date as before, then it can’t be rushed.

    • FlamesFan89

      Me personally, I see it as the date alone can not be an indication of “rushing” if it is in line with previous release dates.

      If on the other hand there is information about ignoring manufacturing problems, or quality control issues, or designs not being finalized, and forging ahead in an effort to meet a hard deadline, then sure, it is rushed. But simply, targeting the same release schedule as in the past is absolutely not in indication of rushing.

    • It’s Me

      In and of itself a date is just a date. It doesn’t indicate rushing. Nor does it indicate they aren’t rushing.

      It’s just funny that during Note7 fiasco, when reputable media outlets reported their sources claimed it was rushed to make the same date as the previous year, some claimed it couldn’t have been rushed by pointing to the date being the same as last year. If might have been rushed due to technology issues, engineering problems, resource allocation or just as scheduling of resources. Pointing to last years date is incredibly weak as an argument that it wasn’t rushed. In fact setting a concrete date long before release can lead to significant rushing to try to make that date in spite of any obstacles that came up. Could also leave them with tones of slack time if everything magically went better than planned. Meaningless.

    • FlamesFan89

      What you said there is all well and good, but it fails to note that long before there were any indications whatsoever with the Note 7, just like now, when there are zero indications that there might be any issues to expect with the Note 8, the media, including Mobile Syrup, are making claims about the Note being rushed to “beat the iPhone# to market”.

      My point is, if they are following the same release schedule, which has been ahead of the iPhone for multiple cycles, then why is a release date, that is simply in line with past release dates, some sort of indication of rushing.

      Again, it’s all well and good to point out rushing after the fact, once problems are discovered, but the implication from the media isn’t based on any identified problems. The implication from the media is quite simply, that since the target release date is prior to that of the iPhone, then they must be rushing to beat it to market.

      Also, if setting a concrete date long before a release leads to rushing, then I’m going to go out on a limb and say that basically every OEM on the planet is guilty of rushing. If you think that Apple, or HTC, or LG, or whoever lives in some fantasy world where engineers, designers, manufacturers, etc. have no due dates then… well… wow.

    • It’s Me

      I don’t recall any media coverage claiming the Note 7 was rushed until they started exploding. Not even after release but before the fires, when there lots of reports of bootloop problems and bad displays, still didn’t hear anyone claim it had been rushed. Only after they lighting up did I start to read about “insiders” claiming it was rushed to make the date.

      Now, there were suggestions that the date was set in order to be in market prior to the annual iPhone cycle prior to the fires but not with a suggestion they were being rushed or skipping quality and safety controls.

  • Rattrap

    I like the Verge article about needing to state screen ratios along with diagonal widths. It has not been confirmed that it will be 16:9.