Samsung Galaxy Mega now available in Canada


  • hunkyleepickle

    Cheaper than a Moto x?? Somehow that doesn’t seem quite right…

  • K_p0w3r

    This device sounds like a 2013 version of the galaxy Infuse. Oversized screen, Underpowered hardware.

  • Time

    As a uni student that always doesn’t wanna lug his laptop to class daily and can’t really afford a tablet without putting a major strain on my budget, this phone just may work for me. I’ll have to see it live in store first to make a final decision.

    Edit: Just re-read and noticed it wont be available at Virigin Mobile?…Ooo no (yes?), HTC One it is then.

    • King kobi

      How would you take notes with no s pen.

    • Time

      Ummm with my thumbs?…only class that needs a pen or “s pen” is maths but the rest are pretty much all taking notes digitally friendly.

    • J. W.

      Since you’re on a budget, wouldn’t the Nexus 4 be more suitable?

    • superfly

      I didn’t know the nexus 4 had a 6.3 inch screen

    • J. W.

      Time mentioned that he/she decided on the HTC One, which has a 4.7″ screen.

  • Nathaniel James

    I love android but i honestly don’t think that this phone is worth it. Outdated specs and I’m not trying to have a nexus 7 sized phone at the side of my head.

  • Jesse Laurin

    and people made fun of me when I got the Note the day it came out…

  • Richard Xing

    No love for Fido? :'(

    • ming kit

      Fido doesn’t have this one this time ><

  • Richard Xing

    The carriers are treating this as a flagship, when its nowhere near.