Motorola announces Moto E4, coming to Canada June 22 for $200 through Freedom Mobile


  • Techguru86

    Nice to see the manufacturers supporting Freedom, it will eventually drive competition with the big 3 similiar to Que, Sask plans

    • Erwin_Ign

      It’s a low end, low specd, unfairly priced device. Freedom can have it.

  • MoYeung

    Moto E4 $200 outright? Moto G5 is much better value at $250.

    Moto E4 should be $129 or less, outright.
    (this is Moto E series)

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  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Yuck 720P If Phone is not 1080P Or Better it not worth Buying

    • Vito R.


  • Jean-Marc Lemire

    People have a strange fixation on screen pixel density. 720P on a 5″ screen is more than serviceable. Sure, 1080P is “better”, but it comes with a commensurate increase in battery usage for not much real world benefit.

    It all reminds me of Penn and Teller’s water tasting skit.

    Show people several phone displays with the same screen resolution (720P), but tell them certain ones are 1080p and others are 480P. People will suddenly start to see significant differences among them. They will comment on the presence of “jaggies” and pixelation in the “480P” screen and the increased clarity of the “1080P” screens.

  • Dave Beaudoin

    Wow $70 in the states but they want $200 – $250 Cad plus tax up here. The Exchange rate isn’t that bad and it should really only work out to $93 Cad. I don’t know why we Canadians are getting ripped off so much when it comes to Cellular!