Google may have leaked the next version of its Pixel Launcher

It appears Google may have accidentally leaked an unreleased version of its Pixel Launcher at a Google I/O Sandbox.

One Google Pixel smartphone appeared to have a significantly different launcher than the one found on current Pixel devices. That device, discovered by 9to5Google, features a search bar near the bottom of the display below the dock, and instead of being white like the current pill-shaped search bar, the bar is dark grey.

Additionally, the unreleased launcher handled app searches differently. When searching for an app with the current Pixel launcher, the search bar will only return apps that are installed on the user’s device. In contrast, this new launcher was able to return search results from the Play Store, as well allow users to install an app without launching the Play Store app.

9to5Google found this new launcher while watching a demo for Android’s new Instant Apps functionality, a feature that allows users to check out an app without first installing it. The demo device 9to5Google was using had the unreleased software.

It’s unclear whether the launcher detailed in 9to5Google’s video will be the final version of the next launcher for Pixel or Pixel 2. If it is, Google may properly unveil it when Android O is released later this year.

What do you think of this version of this Pixel? Do you like the placement of the Search bar?

Source: 9to5Google