Galaxy Note 8 rumoured to feature dual-camera and 6.4-inch display


  • Dimitri

    So what’s the point of getting a Note 8 if the fingerprint sensor will be on the rear of the device like the S8 and S8 Plus. OLED display? Meh.

    Rather get the S8+ and call it a day instead of waiting until November or December for the Note 8. Nothing major will change other then the same design of the S8+ on the Note 8 and just a different screen type. Oh and the S-pen.

    The major reason for many getting the Note series was for bigger screens, S-pen and some new things like the Iris scanner and such.

    Going from a S8+ 6’2 inch to a Note 8 6’4 isn’t a big jump. QHD+OLED? I rather see it in action and see what it does before I jump on it.. SAMOLED on the S8+ is amazing as it is.

    • The note would have to be larger now. If it isn’t they might be phasing it out by cannibalism

    • Dimitri

      Larger but what’s the point? No one will use a 7′ screen as a phone and use it at the same time. Tablets are the size.

      At this point we will have tablet size phones and walking around with them..

    • h2oflyer

      If they get any larger you’ll be able to mount solar panels on the back side to charge your phone while talking…. hang on a minute, this could solve the poor battery life problem !

    • Zomby2D

      You can already buy cases with solar panels… it’s only a question of time before a manufacturer puts one directly on the phone. (Which will prevent you from putting a case on it)

    • h2oflyer

      I agree, solar charging on phones is coming, it’ll be a novelty feature that probably won’t last long. But you never know. When Sony introduced a water resistant phone many years ago, it was a novelty that has become a standard.

    • Stephen_81

      The Samsung Galaxy Mega was a device that would have a similar footprint to a 7″ screen today. That device was underpowered for what it was but it had some success.
      Truthfully I’d buy a Note 8 over a S8+ purely for S Pen built in. If the sold S Pen as an add on for any Galaxy series device I’d probably get an S8+ and buy the S pen attachment and a case that holds it

    • Zomby2D

      Samsung usually bump the memory on the Note series as well as the battery size. Also, you’d be surprised at the number of people who like using the S-Pen. And the screen should be somewhat bigger. Don’t forget that the S8 has a larger screen than the note 7 while being noticeably smaller, so they can probably do a major upgrade in that area as well without increasing the footprint.

      It’s not features that would get me to upgrade from my S8+ either, but some will prefer to wait and get the Note instead. (Especially those on the fence about the iPhone 8, which should be out at about the same time.)

  • Roger

    I want the Note 8 for its S-Pen. I’ll be wait until more details on it comes out before upgrading.
    As much as I hate Samsung for the lack of customer service I received for my wife’s S7e, I just don’t see a good alternative for me.

    • Mike Simpson

      S-pen is the deciding factor for me, too.

  • Ipse

    100 years from now, a study will find that human fingers have grown by 25%
    I for one am looking for what the Note 8 will bring, but size (although it matters…) is not what would swing me to buy it.

    • Dimitri

      That leaked image waa the for S8 Plus. It was leaked out as part of the prototypes they used. The media uses that to show that the Note 8 will have dual camera.