Rogers’ new CEO Joe Natale says core focuses are culture, customers and growth


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  • I never knew they had a giving culture. I guess when they offered to take me to court for a $45 payroll issue was another Rogers First. The headache was a culture thing and not an actually error by payroll.

    I hate these guys.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      Probably what he meant was the “I’ll give you the finger culture”.

    • That was the culture I experienced

    • Roger

      Or “You give me your money and I’ll give you a bag of turd in return.”

  • Dimitri

    ” Giving Culture”? Where did he or anyone see that? I see more of” Grabbing culture” and ” less caring culture” then anything. All CEO’s will say the exact same thing but we know in the end what will happen.

    Sadly the customers will pay the price for the heads to get their fat pay cheques and bonuses meanwhile us customers get nothing. A free blue Jay’s sweater which the Rogers logo on it? Yeah that’s not giving. That’s promoting ur company. Customer service? Ask your thousands of customers complaining on social media, forums and all over the place. Managers or Office of the President to help u? No. They just make up things that they want and barely help unless u squeeze then to do it.

    • Surveillance

      Thousands of customers complaining is nothing when you have over 10 million of them. It’s always the complainers that speak the loudest

  • KiwiBri

    They “Give it ” to ya, when you bend over.. lol

  • Captain Henry Morgan

    Yeah right!

  • Eluder

    I hope he does a better job than Guy! He was horrendous, which is difficult to say since Nadir sucked terribly as well.

    • Guy was there for all of an hour before he was removed. I don’t even think he unpacked his belongings.

  • KiwiBri

    interesting that my comment about Rogers “Giving it” to us was removed. It really was’t that bad was it??

  • Benjamin Lehto

    Will the hate for the Big 3 effect enough people and anger enough people to get a nationwide movement of cancelling services to screw them over, rolling?

  • Avgvstvs

    You want to change culture in Canadian Telecom? Ban the banks from owning any shares in any of the Telcos. Just look up who Rogers is owned by, not exactly seen as the most progressive of types. It’s all about extracting maximum value and keeping things as status quo as possible while never rocking the boat too hard. Start putting the blame where it belongs – the god damn banks that pressure and arm wrestle anyone in the upper leadership when they want to institute fundamental changes to how business is run!