How to use APN settings for Canadian carriers

Canadian APN settings


  • apowerranger

    Super handy. Thank-you.

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  • TheTechSmith

    I posted a warning for this this originally, and it was deleted! Perhaps because it was all caps or because the APN codes look like web addresses. If you use inet(dot)bell(dot)ca as is listed under Virgin, you will very likely get a very large tethering charge! @Rose Behar I’m trying to help @MobileSyrup to not get sued! Use pda(dot)bell(dot)ca. If you don’t believe me, look it up!

    • Rose

      Appreciate your comment! Apologies it didn’t get through the first time 🙂

  • Rose

    Fixed, thanks!

  • Rose

    No problem! Love the shared resources. Makes me think that maybe MS should create a resource like this for travelers as well.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      I think you should..that is a great idea. A lot of your readers don’t just stay at their moms’ basements but travel a lot outside Canada and still visit MS website to stay updated!

    • Adam

      What if you have different Moms across the globe?

  • Ron S

    Not sure how to enter Freedom example it lists 2 different APN names, while the setup screen only allows for one.

    • Adam

      All phones I’ve ever seen allow you to have more than one APN, this allows you to switch between them if you switch SIM cards.

  • It’s 2017. Do we still need to rely on entering APN settings? I thought carriers implement this automatically when a device is registered on their network

    • Adam

      Usually it’s detected by the SIM, but sometimes it isn’t. This is more often the case on phones imported from outside of Canada, they sometimes aren’t able to grab the APN from the SIM/Network.

    • Kitty Burgers

      You’re right. It so old fashioned. 5 years from now, we’ll be saying, “remember when we used to have to manually put those “APN’s” into our devices?” … pathetic, I know.

    • bedou974

      certains phone do require manual apn, like xiaomi phone

  • Zach Gilbert

    If you are experiencing any data issues, but if all is working leave the APN as set by the carrier. If you entered it in yourself, then it should be

    • Weird if they have two APN settings, no?

    • Adam

      No, Rogers has two technically, rogers.appl1.apn is their old one, which still works. If you have an older SIM or older phone, it might have the old APN still. Switching to a newer SIM might have updated it.

  • Adam

    That’s the updated one on their newer APN. The rogers.appl1.apn which exists on older SIM cards has as the MMS Proxy. I believe either will work.

  • Kitty Burgers

    There’s nothing on here for Primus.

  • expos9439

    FYI, for Fido setting:

    the correct MMS Proxy is:

    I found out the hard way when I cannot open any MMS texts.