How to avoid bill shock and save data on iOS

Unlimited data


  • gommer strike

    Another method to track your mobile data(and Wifi!) usage is via the iOS widget “My Data”. Set it up on your left-most widget screen and you can easily assess your data usage. You can also set it to reset the stats on specific dates in the month, so you’ll always know where you’re at.

    It also tells you exactly at a glance how much data you’ve used in the day, broken down between cellular and Wifi. Excellent tool which can also be used without the need to leave your lockscreen.

    • clyde

      Where do you get this widget?

    • gommer strike

      Just to go the App Store. It’s right there.

    • clyde

      Thanks. I found it and you’re right it works great.

      It’s just that a few different apps come up when you search my data. For anyone else interested it’s My Data Manager.

  • SV650

    Offline mapping / GPS Apps are a great means to reduce data consumption when travelling. Since all the maps can be downloaded on Wi-Fi before you leave home, there is no need to download data on the fly.

  • Mr_Reliable

    Wow, putting a legit Apple ID email up there for all to see, seems like a real smart move to me.

    • Point taken, but it’s sitting in my Twitter bio. I’m not exactly trying to keep it private.

  • Andrew English

    This is so (year) 2000 information. Most iPhone users I know use WiFi or iTunes to backup their data, and that’s a lot of people I know who work at Fortune 500 companies who where told by their management to do this way or pay the overages. Again, this is old news. How about sharing something that is from 2017!? 🙂

    • Rose

      Hey Andrew, this article is about saving cellular data — not the amount of space on your device.

  • It’s difficult to get Bill Shock these days as the carriers have implemented mechanisms in place to notify you when you’re approaching your limit, hitting your limit, incurred overages.

    • bmccull

      This assumes that these notifications are timely. Unfortunately they are way too late for me.

    • Shogun

      Then your service is crap. I use both a Telus and Koodo phone and although they are both the same company, my data immediately cuts off on my Koodo line once I’ve reached the limit. Telus doesn’t do this but it does in fact notify, in a timely fashion, of how close you are to your data limit.
      Sounds like you’re with Rogers. lol!

  • Sledge

    Hey Rose,
    Why these data saving articles right now? The whole CRTC situation indicates that people are getting much less in the way of “bill shock” and merely frustration at not having enough data to use most services while mobile. Would love to see more articles about the details of the CRTC meetings or that they are still accepting comments.
    Maybe some investigative journalism since the CRTC seems to think you can actually negotiate your rates by going from mall kiosk to mall kiosk. I’d love to see a story where someone actually tried that.

  • Eric

    Android’s data usage warning / limit implementation would be a good thing for Apple to copy. What I like best is it allows me to set which day of the month my data resets. With that info the phone keeps track itself how much data it’s used out of it’s allotment.

  • Cornfed710

    Stick with Public Mobile, you’ll only be shocked at how great it is ????

  • Rogers Share Everything subscribers can manage their whole family’s data from the MyRogers report.