How to avoid bill shock and save mobile data on Android

save data on android


  • GG

    0. Start with getting a better plan (which is tough here, but possible). However, if you think that paying $50 for plan w/1Gb data + $10-15 for extra Gb is more easy, then yes, please read above and waste your time on so called ‘savings’.

    • Alex

      when buying, buy during boxing week, or when u get a REALLY good deal. you save on cost of the phone, in this case, good phones, and you usually find great deals. Not all carriers give great deals, thus sometimes, if you are already on rogers, you can’t go to telus’s great deal, etc.

    • Rogers now has $50 per GB overage rates, might be worth looking into getting one of the older plans that still have the $10 per GB option.

  • heynow00

    Great article, should be included with all Android purchases!

    • Alex

      they should… but they just make soooo much money by not doing that.

    • Mr Dog

      The manufactures should, they haven incentive to not.

  • Shogun

    The biggest hog of data is streaming. Web browsing takes up very little data overall so if you’re getting tons of overage charges may be time to consider downloading on wifi in advance what you want to watch or listen to.

  • MoYeung

    “Google accounts, for instance, come along with a hefty amount of syncing options that are left on by default. Many users will find that options like ‘Drive’ or ‘Calendar’ can comfortably by turned off.

    Google accounts, for instance, come along with a hefty amount of syncing options that are left on by default. Many users will find that options like ‘Drive’ or ‘Calendar’ can comfortably by turned off.”

    Duplicate paragraph?

    • Rose

      Thanks for that. Editing software gone rogue.

  • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

    Also… should be mentioned… if you lose your phone, you should report it lost. I read that CBC article about the dummy who didn’t and then was shocked he had a $24000 bill.

    • heynow00

      That story is such crap. Who would leave their cell phone number active for 2 weeks without calling to have it blocked or deactivate the sim card to use a replacement phone?

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      This generation of young adults who’ve been raised on “you’re a special snowflake” and “everyone’s a winner.”
      Never having to take any responsibility because mummy and daddy took care of everything, breeds this kind of useless mouth-breather.

    • nokye

      This statement is beyond stupid.

  • Andrew

    Opera Max can save a ton of data, I highly recommend it.

  • Tim

    Adblockers save a ton of data as well. I’ve got AdGuard installed on my Moto Z Play and it shows that I’ve saved 12.48GB. AG Premium also allows for ad-blocking within apps as well as the internet browser.

    • Rose

      Good point, thanks for contributing!

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  • fruvous

    I just got a shock of a 95% data alert SMS. My plan has 12GB and it shows I used 11.5GB but the data meter on my phone only showed 6GB usage.

    • heynow00

      If I were you I’d check that you’ve aligned your phone to match your billing cycle. Sounds like your phone is measuring the 1st-31st where as your billing cycle might be 14th-13th, etc

  • robinottawa

    All good but the kicker is YouTube. As you say,

    “YouTube, unfortunately, does not offer an offline mode in Canada, but in its general settings users can limit mobile data usage by making sure HD video streams only on Wi-Fi and turning off autoplay.”

    So I can do everything right and still go over my limit because I fell asleep at home watching a low-res movie on YouTube! At home!

  • stargazer19

    I wasn’t aware of Opera Max’s features. I use Opera Mini because of its small footprint vs other browsers, but hadn’t checked the Max features. Thanks for this article!

  • Mr Dog

    Can someone tell me how do I completely turn off Google Photos from uploading through cellular networks?
    I searched for a good 20 mins yesterday but cannot seem to find the option.

    I want it to be able to upload Photos/Videos only when I am on Wifi. Is there no toggle for this?!
    It actually baffles me that it is default to upload over cellular.

    • SV650

      On my phone:
      Choose photos App
      Choose Menu (three horizontal lines)
      Choose Settings > Backup & Sync > Mobile Data Backup (off) & When to backup (your choices here)

      See also Help at screen bottom.