How to use iOS 10’s new Bedtime feature


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  • Shogun

    I tend to think tracking the quality of sleep is more important than just the mere number of hours slept in total. How many times you are restless, wake up in the night etc. matters more than what this function offers. Probably explains why its hidden in the clocks app, barely used and therefore quite useless anyways.

  • TrickyDickie

    Sho is an alarm so that tells you when you should go to bed as well? Ground-breaking indeed!

  • SV650

    Arguably, if you need an alarm to wake you in the morning, you are not getting enough sleep. If you keep going to bed earlier in the evening until you reliably wake in time for your day’s activities, you have arrived. By going to bed at a time early enough, you can wake and do the things necessary before the full brunt of your day hits, and you can complete those tasks while you are fresh. Once the habit is built, it is easy to keep.

    Sleep well!

  • TheCuddlyKoala

    Samsung to have S-bedtime in 3..2..

    • Chug that haterade


    • Cowpoke Sal

      Missed your bedtime, son?
      At my bedtime, Mrs Poke hits me on the head with a mallet and in the mornin’, she wakes me with a bucket of water….smells kinda funny….I mean I thinks it’s water….

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  • Word Merchant

    1. Switch off phone.
    2. Go to bed.