SyrupCast Podcast 103: Automotive tech is the new darling of CES


  • danakin

    This week we have, Igor Bonifacic acting as host with Ian Hardy, Patrick O’Rourke and guest Ted Kritsonis.

    A recap of the recently completed CES was up first. This segment took a couple of minutes to hit its stride but, when it did, it made for compelling podcasting. Ted’s 2017 CES offerings insights and his willingness to challenge the regular podcasters was sublime in its veracity. At no time did it feel as if he was actively playing devil’s advocate and not truly invested in his opinions. This was and excellently executed segment.

    The discussion deftly moved on to the BlackBerry Mercury. Letting Ted have a significant slice of the conversation pie again worked to the podcast’s benefit. The four podcasters managed to contribute while respecting each other’s space and opinions; fostering and environment for true discussion that didn’t feel forced or manufactured (cough cough First Take). Another segment gracing listeners with intelligent non combative discussion.

    The MobileSyrup facelift was touched upon with a request for user feedback. Ian provided the rationale for the update; admitting there are bugs needing squashing. I’m not keen on the update, however, it’s early and likely that I was comfortable with the way it looked before. Unless I have something of substance to offer I won’t criticize or condemn what was an honest effort at continuous improvement.

    I’ve said it before and it bears repeating. When the SyrupCasters have guests like Ted or Matt Moniz there is an obvious bump to the depth and breadth of the discussion. It’s becoming obvious that the MobileSyrup, and by extension, the SyrupCast team(s) are generalists in reporting on the mobile space. While this gives them flexibility in covering the many aspects of the industry, it doesn’t provide the nuance that subject matter experts bring. I will continue suggesting the SyrupCast feature expert guests routinely; even if it means benching some of the regulars to accommodate them.

    This week’s show gets a 8.9 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score. Makes last week’s episode look like amateur hour.