Nissan to integrate Cortana into connected cars


  • Mitchell Leitman

    Good luck using Cortana on Android. At least in Canada.

  • RobSez

    It seems to be getting harder to have a private conversation. It used to be your car was a good place for that, but it sounds like our once private automotive space will soon be a thing of the past. With Alexa, Cortana, Google, Siri and God knows who else (NSA?, FBI? CIA?) constantly scanning our conversations for keywords we can expect zero privacy. I’m sure there won’t be any way to opt-out, or any guarantees that will mean anything anyway. I may be forced to find a way to get a Tesla. I understand they are moving all their telematics to Linux. There is absolutely no good reason for my car, or any other device I use, to listen to me without first being physically activated to do so.

  • This should be stopped. Driving needs to be left along. There is too much destruction already, now another. There must be a law introduced that requires all the interactions with the portable devices or any interactive electronics automatically disabled by manufacturer while a vehicle is in motion.

  • MikeFromMarkham

    I have absolutely no desire to use Cortana and its ilk on my computer or my phone… Why the hell would I want any of them in my car?

    • Troll

      Because they are female and have a sexy voice? Duh