Fossil to increase its wearables line to over 300 products in 2017


  • Matt

    They better create something that runs Android OS and have play store to be able to download all apps directly on the watch. And has keyboard. Voice input. Sim card tray .Can text. Make calls. Browse the web. And be able to use it by itself without needing a phone connected. That’s the best sort of smartwatch. The Samsung gear s was the best smartwatch. Was only missing Android OS and play store direct.

    • Andrw

      Fossil is into the hybrid smartwatches. What you described is a full fledged Android Wear smartwatch, which is plentiful.

    • Josh Brown

      That is coming with Wear 2.0 very soon. My Fossil Q Marshal is awesome because it feels like a watch first, not a gadget.

  • Matthew

    Hopefully they will fix the issues with their hybrid line. I have the Fossil Q Nate hybrid. It’s nice in theory, as it’s just a watch with some “essential” smart features (notifications and some basic automation). Overall though, it’s kinda crappy. Never stays connected to the app, notifications decide to work when they feel like it. Lots of folks seem to be having the same issues based on the reviews on the Q app in the Google Play store.

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