Qualcomm fully unveils its new VR and AR-optimized Snapdragon 835 processor



    Hmmm, one item I wonder is how much of these features are core to the ARM microprocessor architecture vs actual Qualcomm innovations. The point is that Samsung and other ARM SoC licensees can have the same features just labeled differently once they start using these latest ARM CPU architectures for their own respective SoCs.

    • Ipse

      Good point, seeing how Huawei and Samsung seem to improve upon the original design and get better power management and better real life performance (single core…I’m looking at you Exynos).

    • Smanny

      The GPU is Qualcomms own proprietary item. Plus they maintain and control the drivers for different OS’s. As well as support graphics standards for OpenGL, Vulkan graphics, and Direct X.

      Now the CPU itself won’t stray too far off of ARMs standard architectures. So most likely it is supporting the latest Cortex-A73 cores, which ARM released back in June of 2016.

  • Theo

    I’m excited to get a new smartphone with these enhancements!

  • Magic18

    Can be used as Android TV

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