New Note 7 model will have green battery indicator to tell users its safe to use

Newly produced Galaxy Note 7 smartphones will feature a different coloured battery life indicator to help consumers confirm their device is safe, according to a statement issued by Samsung to ZDNet.

Once the new Note 7 starts making its way to Canadian retail stores on September 19, it will have a green battery power indicator instead of the white one found on current Note 7 models.

In a video statement by Samsung America President and COO Tim Baxter, the company says an unnamed independent lithium battery expert has confirmed new ATL powered models of the Note 7 are safe.

Prior to recalling the handset more than two weeks ago, Samsung had manufactured 2.5 million Note 7 units. According to statistics released by Health Canada, the Korea company had sold 21,953 Note 7 units in Canada. In a thread on Reddit, a number of Canadians say they’ve already received their Note 7 replacement.

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