Motorola documents how it made the Moto Z bendgate proof

Moto Z

In the lead up to the Moto Z’s September launch, Motorola has published a post to its official blog describing part of the upcoming smartphone’s design process.

In it, the company says it explicitly designed the 5.2mm thick smartphone to avoid another potential bendgate. Bendgate, for those that don’t remember, is the controversy that arose out of the fact that the iPhone 6 can be bent if significant pressure is applied to both ends of the device.

“We then moved on to the housing — aware that ‘bendgate’ would be a potential issue with such a thin device, we utilized a unique, aircraft-grade stainless steel casing that’s actually 85 percent stronger than our competitors, while keeping the device as light as possible,” says Motorola.

“The backplate is also made from the same, magnetic-grade steel, which not only provides the magnets in the Moto Mods a place to attach simply and efficiently, but also gives the device a sleek and modern look.”

It turns out Motorola did, in fact, manage to make the Moto Z bendgate proof. There’s already at least one YouTuber who has uploaded a video of him unsuccessfully attempting to bend the Moto Z.

Motorola drops several other tidbits about the Moto Z, including the fact that the phone’s LCD screen is 0.8mm thinner than most other screens and 10 percent more battery efficient.

The Moto Z is set to cost $900 off contract when it arrives in Canada. Several Canadian carriers, including Bell, are planning to stock the smartphone.

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