Fido is completely revamping its plans starting July 7

Fido will completely overhaul the structure of its monthly rate plans on July 7th, according to our sources.

This is a similar path the sub-brand of Rogers took April 2015 when it first introduced its Spotify integration and Pulse plans. However, this time, the names are changing and many rate plans are being discontinued. Additionally, data overage on all plans will bump to $5 per 100MB.

In an effort to differentiate itself from its competition, Fido partnered with Spotify and gave customers Spotify Premium for free for two years, which usually costs $9.99 per month. Effective July 7th, new customers signing up will only be offered a 6-month subscription to the streaming music service, after which they must call in to cancel unless they want to be charged the monthly fee.

Those currently rocking the 2-year deal will be able to keep the promo for its duration. As for the monthly plans, here’s the future.

Gone are the main category names Talk & Text, Smart and Max. Fido’s in-market monthly rate plans are being simplified in to four tiers of pricing: BYOP, Plus10, Plus15 and Plus35. Those tiers are aptly named. Plus10 adds $10 to BYOP pricing, Plus15 adds $15, and Plus35 adds $35.

The tiers are then sectioned in to three categories: talk and text; data, talk and text; and data, talk and text Pulse (which includes Spotify and Fido Roam).

The new system will substantially streamline Fido’s offerings. The changes coming to each subsection are summarized below, though the internal documents received by MobileSyrup note that pricing may change by July 7.

Fido also states that once plan changes kick in, grandfathered and loyalty plans will be counted at a Plus15 tier, meaning that the upfront pricing of a phone will be double what it was before. For that reason, the document urges reps to make sure they urge customers to upgrade now.

Talk and text

Talk and text plans will be offered with either 100 nationwide minutes or unlimited nationwide minutes, starting at $25 and $40 for BYOP respectively. Plus10 and Plus15 options will be available, but Plus35 will not. Any talk and text plans featuring 350 or 500 minutes will be leaving the lineup.

Data, talk and text

Data, talk and text plans will come in the following increments: 100 minutes and 100MB starting at $30 BYOP, 500 minutes and 500MB starting at $40 BYOP, 500 minutes and 1GB starting at $50 BYOP, and 1000 minutes and 2GB starting at $60 BYOP. The Plus35 is, again, not an option for this sub-section of plans.

Many current smart, standard and BYOP data, talk and text plans are being cut that don’t fall in to those options, and all limited-time max plans with 300 local minutes are getting the axe.

Data, talk and text with Pulse

Pulse plans are a $5 hike in price from data, talk and text plans, and will skew towards higher data amounts, all with unlimited nationwide calling. There’s 1GB starting at $55 BYOP, 2GB for $65, 3GB for $75, 5GB for $95 and 7GB for $105. The Plus35 tier is active for Pulse plans.

Any Pulse plans with data amounts lower than 1GB or anything with a limited amount of minutes will be cut, and all pulse max plans will also be phased out.

Ian Hardy also contributed to this story. 

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