This leak is probably fake, but it’s the Android-powered BlackBerry that should exist

Some things are hard to believe, especially when it comes to smartphone rumours.

The image above is reportedly of the rumoured Android-powered BlackBerry Rome/Mercury device.

Is it real? Is it fake? Who knows. However, if true, it could amount to the BlackBerry smartphone that should have been released five years ago.

The leak, sourced from MondoBlackBerry, looks strikingly similar to the iPhone 6s, OnePlus 3, Galaxy S7, and HTC One A9. The BlackBerry will reportedly sport an all-aluminum build, classic physical QWERTY keyboard, fingerprint sensor, dual speakers, dual-SIM card slot, USB-Type C port, and a touchscreen display.

The rumoured device sounds very promising and high-end, but given the sketchy nature of the image, we’re looking at this one with a healthy amount of skepticism.

BlackBerry is expected to unveil two new mid-range Android devices at an affordable price in the coming months.

So we want to pose the following question to our readers. Is this the Android-powered smartphone you’ve always wanted?

(Thanks, Tony!)