Google Play reportedly plans to outdo App Store with new subscription deal

Google Play Store

After Apple’s recent App Stores changes, which incentivize developers to move to a subscription pay model for a higher revenue share, Google is reportedly planning to respond by rolling out changes that offer developers a better deal.

According to tech business publication Recode, the Google Play Store is planning to match Apple by moving from a 70/30 revenue share to 85/15 in the developer’s favour if they use a subscription-based model. Unlike Apple, however, it plans to institute that revenue share immediately for each new subscription customer.

Under Apple’s new model, developers only get the more favourable split for each customer who has been subscribed to their app or game for over a year.

Sources reportedly told Recode that Google has been testing this split with some entertainment companies for the past year. The publication says it is unclear when the new model will be rolled out, however.

Apple announced yesterday, June 8th, that it would allow any category of app or game to use a subscription pay model effective immediately. Previous to the changes, only audio and video streaming, cloud services, news publications and dating services could use a subscription model. Additionally, the company is taking a reduced revenue share, only 15 percent, for all subscription customers past 12 months.

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