BlackBerry launches new program to highlight well-made BB10 apps

white BlackBerry Passport

Late last week, BlackBerry announced the start of its new Developer Hero Program. Essentially a different take on Built for BlackBerry, which the Waterloo-based company shut down this past January, the program aims to highlight well-made third-party BB10 apps.

Developers have until July 28th to submit their app to BlackBerry for consideration. Two weeks after the deadline, the company will choose, based on criteria such as the quality of the app’s user experience and its security features, three of the best entries. The company will then features those three apps in various ways for the next six months on BlackBerry World. The company also promises to showcase the three winning entries on its official blog, BlackBerry World.

To be eligible for inclusion into the program, a app must be new; it can’t be an upgrade to an existing app that’s already available on BlackBerry World. It must also have been built using BlackBerry Native, Cascades or WebWorks.

Full details on the program can be found on the company’s website.

While it’s more than likely we’ll not see a new BlackBerry 10 device, the company is rumoured to be working on two mid-range Android devices, set to be released towards the end of the company’s current fiscal year.

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