Roam Mobility offering 25 percent off promo for the summer

The battle for roaming is heating up in Canada.

While the deal has not shown up on their website yet, Roam Mobility has sent out an email regarding a summer promotion. If you’re planning to travel to the United States between June and September, you can get 25 percent off of Roam’s service.

Already in effect, and ending May 15th, customers who purchase a Roam Mobility SIM, device, or service plan will get a 25 percent off coupon included in the email confirmation of their order. Roam notes that the “discount code is valid for 25% off any Roam Mobility USA Text+Data, Talk+Text, or Talk+Text+Data” daily plan purchased between June 1st, 2016 and September 2nd, 2016, and that there’s a limit of one discount code per customer.

It appears that people who already have a Roam SIM can still take advantage of this promotion. Roam Mobility lets customers schedule back to back plans. It appears possible to purchase the first day of a summer trip to get the discount code, and then purchase the rest of the duration of the trip at 25 percent off. Someone who is not sure of the exact time or duration of their trip could purchase a plan with this promotion now, and reschedule it for a different period once they’ve firmed up their travel plans.

It’s not yet clear whether a trip that begins on or before September 2nd, but ends later in September or October, is eligible for the promo. However, it’s worth noting that Roam’s recent Spring Break promo was valid for plans that started within the promo period regardless of when they ended.

I ordered a Roam plan and received a promo code, but I was unable to use it in Roam Mobility’s online shopping cart. It could be that the email went out prematurely and that they are still implementing it in their system.

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