Sharp just announced the world’s first robot smartphone

Preorders have opened for the world’s cutest and most likeable humanoid smartphone. Robohon is tiny robot built with the functionality of a smartphone. It can walk, dance and it comes with a screen that projects 720p videos and pictures.

Robohon will cost 198 thousand yen, which brings it to a price of $1800 USD and just over $2300 CAD. The device has a two-inch screen and runs Android 5.0. Robohon was created by Japanese electronics company Sharp. The company plans to launch Robohon at the end of May with smaller Japanese phone carriers rather than launching with a big network.

Robohon is operated by voice commands and has the ability to read texts, announce phone calls and can even double as a 20cm-high workout buddy.

Robohon was developed in conjunction with researchers at the University of Tokyo. The device comes with 16GB of storage, a 1700mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0 and an eight megapixel camera.

With the ability to read human emotion, Robohon can greet its owner by name when they enter a room and tell them it loves them when it senses they’re crying.

Sharp anticipates a monthly sales rate of 5000 units. Robohon will go on sale in Japan on May 26.

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