Best Buy offering discounted Gear VR for those who missed S7/S7 edge pre-order bonus


  • Harold Mitchell

    Error in story…regularly priced at $139.00, $90.00 savings.

    • KiwiBri

      they really try to rush out these articles these days eh? No proof reading or comprehension.

    • Harold Mitchell

      Sad but true. It also looks like Daniel has moved over to Mobile Nations/iMore!

  • Ben

    God, those prices! 400 to 500$ for 32 GB model WITH a 2 year contract? 😐 So basically, iPhone prices (if not even pricier)?

    • hardy83

      Samsungs flagship phones have always been priced similar to iPhones, at least for the last while anyways.

    • Ben

      I guess I never notice before now… But isin’t this 100$ overpriced? The off contract price if 899/999 and don’t companies give 600$ off phones on their “max” or the top tier plans? Nexus 6P is 699 or 99$ on contract pretty much everywhere for example… In any case, I guess I’m getting old and/or cheap as I’d never buy a phone for that price on a 2y contract.

    • hardy83

      Could be the carriers. Maybe they jacked up the price for whatever reason.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if carriers jack up the price of new phones during launch periods to get a little extra cash, then lower it later on.
      I suppose the exception would be Apple cause it’s probably Apple who sets the prices, I imagine.

    • Guest

      Most carriers only provide a $500 subsidy on new release devices, other than WIND who offers up to $600. Very pricey phone indeed!

    • Ben

      I don’t know if this is specific to Quebec but pretty much all carriers offer 600$ off “premium” phones taken on “premium” plans. That I know for sure : Rogers, Fido, Videotron. Sometimes even 650$.

  • rajmohan pailithodi madathil


  • Mir Shoaib Raza Talpur

    i preorder my s7 edge i just got my s7 edge no gear vr they saying samsung company cancel gear vr 🙁 :/

    • Kevin Hu

      If you pre-order before March 11, you will get the VR for sure. Even a free 128GB sd card for outright purchase at Samsung Store canada.

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  • jay

    I just picked on up for 109$ awesome deal but it doesn’t work on my iPhone? Any ideas why not first I had to force in the connector and than I see just my screen. If that is VR I wouldn’t buy it. Samsung really didn’t do a good job with that. So I can confirm it doesn’t work on the iphone 6s .

    I am funny lol