Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition now available to pre-order, ships to Canada March 30 [Update]


  • I’d get one if I could afford it…

  • For that price in Canada, You could get a high end PC, a Vive and a ps4 with some money left over for rent.

    Great as a stand alone, if you can afford it.

    • Marc Palumbo

      Why would you consider a dev kit with no apps? This isn’t for consumer use. Almost all businesses are using these kits to actually develop for them, instead of using them to browse the web.

      You can expect the prices of HoloLens to go down quite a bit when they are consumer ready.

    • That’s an assumption

      It could be more or bundled with high end PC’s like the rest, who knows.

      The only thing we know is that this dev kit cost an arm and a leg.

    • Marc Palumbo

      It’s been a pretty fair assumption across all Microsoft developers and the community, but ya, an assumption.

      It costs an arm and a leg for us, but for developers and companies, it’s an expense, plus they get grants for research and development. This dev kit isn’t for you.

    • Martin Batchelor

      One thing to consider in the price is that this is meant to be a standalone unit, no need to tether to a pc (once final hardware is on sale), so think of the cost as adding a pc to it already

    • Marc Palumbo

      What I’m seeing is people mixing their opinions of VR and AR, and they really have different uses. For one, all the VR stuff is happening for gaming (for the most part). I’m curious to see what the final price is because besides cost of material, the hardware for HoloLens isn’t crazy and out of this world. I think it’s comparable to Surface 3 hardware.

    • f1nutz

      but you can replace that arm and leg with a much cooler AR arm and leg!!! I say its a win win ;^)

    • You make a compelling point. Microsoft can now have both my arms and legs and I will like in VR like swordart online

    • f1nutz

      but if the power goes out you won’t have a leg to stand on

    • If musk gets his way, we will never go without power ever again

  • koconor100

    4300 $ ? So thats what … 5years for the price to come down within reach ? Down to about 200$ ?

  • Zardoz Wiz

    dawn of the dork, scream of the nerd. etc. never see me with that on my face. next.