MTS rebrands as a customer-focused company with new ‘We’re with you’ tagline


  • Victor Creed

    Don’t live in Manisnowba so I can’t speak to this. But sounds nice if they abide by it.

  • DOmega

    Okay, so I’m not usually one to be lured by corporate doublespeak. But if they actually mean this, I have a small list of suggestions. Here are a few to start:

    – Let people use their own DSL modems or ditch Pace and start customizing your firmwares better with less restrictions.
    – Double all rates of transmission right away.
    – Drop all prices by 20% to 35%

    Because being customer focused is being globally competitive.

  • Jayce

    They certainly need work in this department. Last time I tried MTS their cable guy plugged in the cable box and left without bothering to test it.

    It didn’t work, and I had to schedule another appointment a week later to “fix” the “new” problem. It’s pretty easy to improve on that experience.

  • Jeff Preligera

    I was a MTS customer up until six months ago. I was happy with their DSL service. No internet saturation and no data caps compared to Shaw. The MTS install was painless and quick. Only outage was one in the wee hours for some upgrade.
    Only reason why I left MTS is my roommate started working at Shaw. Hard to pass up on employee pricing.