Update: MTS goes live with LTE network, launches the Sony Xperia ion


  • Arkmay

    fingers crossed for the S3

  • Harry

    coverage map? I can see already they are using AWS 1.7/2.1 frequencies so maybe roaming agreements might come along with the robellus in the future but their smart flex stick plan of up to 90$ for 5GB is pretty expensive my telus stick with LTE and NATIONWIDE coverage gets me up to 90$ for 9GB fail MTS

    • EvanKr

      There currently have no information on coverage or plans and pricing, the network itself isn’t live yet.

  • EvanKr

    Wow… Nice job, MTS! I’m actually impressed!

    HOWEVER, they haven’t actually launched LTE yet. I’ve called multiple MTS dealers, and they told me that “(they) currently have an LTE capable phone available, however the network isn’t up and running yet”. They also have no idea in regards coverage and plans.

    Expect the network itself to go live within a few weeks/months by the end of 2012 with more handsets, and likely Rogers LTE tower sharing coverage as well.

    • EvanKr

      EDIT: I just got in touch with the MTS corporate office, apparently the network’s still in beta testing, and is set to go live sometime around November. They are NOT tower sharing with Rogers, the network is totally theirs. Currently, the Xperia Ions are in extremely Iimited supply, and for that reason are priced higher than market value. If you were to purchase one today, you’d be on HSPA+ for the time being.

      Come November, MTS should be releasing a slew of new phones (likely Android, the “new” iPhone and possibly WP8 devices), along with LTE SIM cards and new plans.

      The network should cover the greater Winnipeg and Brandon areas, streatching into the suburbs, no just the city core.

      The rep that I spoke to recommended waiting until November, when more up to date devices will be available, as well as full access to the network.

  • astroboy99

    You are now chatting with Travis.
    Travis: Hello! How can I help you today?
    mike: hi i heard mts lte is now up? any truth to this?
    Travis: It is not fully up, they are testing the network.

  • cynthia

    this is misleading and should be removed – MTS has not launched LTE.

  • Blekdar

    Holy Geez! The 2 yr pricing on the phone is $179.99!
    That is…..shockingly reasonable. Especially considering they’re a canadian carrier. Go MTS on the decent pricing!

    • Bobby

      Agreed 100%
      usually canadian cellular providers offer 2 year plans, but its like almost 80% of the off contract price.

      For example: rogers offers the sony ion for $499 off contract. 2 year contract price? $449.
      what a joke
      and even more hilarious and sad, bell offers the galaxy s3 off contract for $649, 2 year price? $649

      Hope mts keeps that kind of pricing going forward. Great job!

  • Jebus

    I was told by one Rep it was up and running. The rep with him told him it wasnt. They then compared emails from head office and each email was different. One saying it was and one saying it wasnt. Sounds like a communication company has bad communication…

  • Azure

    Interestingly enough, the phone is 700mhz capable on LTE, so once that spectrum auction is held, and the spectrum is built out, this phone would be capable of actually using it.

  • Azure

    They are late to the party, but its nice of them to launch a half decent Android phone. Hopefully the S3 is launched soon as well.

    • Owen Finn

      They aren’t that late – it’s only been a few months since any carrier had LTE in Manitoba…

    • EvanKr


      MTS is the first to launch LTE in Manitoba, Rogers lists it as “coming soon”, but MTS is the first.

    • Porilaisten

      Actually since Rogers and MTS are in a network sharing/build agreement it’s likely that they’ll launch at the same time.

  • Jimmy

    the MTS buffalo kicks as$

  • Azure

    I meant late to the Android party.

  • Senk

    Rogers has started advertising LTE on billboards in Winnipeg in late July. LTE has to be coming soon.